Don’t forget Zumba tonight ladies 6-7pm £4.00 at SeaMills Primary school hall.

Butterfly Prints

Today we are making butterfly hand prints to put on Miss Southey’s wall.

Leo is having good fun creating his butterfly prints.


Zumba is starting at SeaMills Primary….

This Thursday 8th June at 6.00pm

Have a fun time with other women enjoying some Zumba moves.

£4.00 a session , no need to book.

Just come along and join us…don’t forget your water!!!!

National Childrens Day

What can I say….What an amazing day we had on Sunday to celebrate national children’s day. The weather was fab , the children had so much fun.

We had bouncy castles, forest school, Magic Mike, Circus skills, Art area…very messy but good fun, BBQ …fire brigade turned up !! All good fun.








Sam was busy prepping the BBQ !

A little bit of Zumba was so much fun.


Same time same place next year SeaMills.

April Updates…

Look out for next Breakfast Club on 6th May , we will be having 2 bouncy castles !!

Easter Holiday fun…….

12th April 10.00 till 12.00

Family arts and crafts morning……come along and join in the Easter craft fun .

13th April 4.30-6.00

Easter Disco.

£2.00 a child adults and babies under 12 months free. Includes hot dog and refreshments.

Breakfast Club with Circus Skills.

Every first Saturday of each month we have a family breakfast. It is a time to chill with your families and enjoy a continental breakfast.

This month we invited Circus Skills in to shows us some Circus magic.

We has a go a plate spinning, diablo, hoola hooping and more.

The cost is £3.00 a family which includes breakfast.

9.30-11.00Lots of fun…well done.

  • Great fun my daughter suggested more circus decorations around the hall.
  • Lots of fun…well done.
  • My little boy had lots of fun and learnt new skills.
  • Amazing Jacob loved it…glad we came.
  • What a great idea…children loved it.
  • Great fun. Corey had a great time too and did his first 3 ball juggling.
  • Brilliant a really enjoyable session.

Snack and Chat at SeaMills Primary

We run snack and chat at SeaMills Primary school every Wednesday form 3.15 till 4.15.

We have lots of activities you and your children can explore together along with snacks and refreshments. 

We have music to dance to, arts and crafts, construction and more. 

We can use outside space as weather is kinder. 

£2.00 a family.


Come along and join us.

Do you know the answers to any of these questions? 

  • Do you visit the dentist regularly?
  • Do you know what food to eat to keep your teeth healthy?
  • How many times a day do you brush your teeth?
  • Do know you know how much sugar is in a coke?
  • Do you what a cavity is?

This morning at coffee time we gave out information about where your local dentists are. Please pop in to children centre and see Nicky or Hannah if you would like more information.


Family Breakfast with Circus Skills

  • This Saturday 9.30 till 11.00 we will be having breakfast club with circus skills.
  • Come and learn new skills….How to juggle, spin some plates.
  • Enjoy a breakfast with your family.
  • Lots of other activities such as arts and crafts, games, books, baby area and more….

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